5 Yummy Destinations When Travelling


When talking about travelling, we can’t leave out the food. It’s important to have great food wherever you’re travelling to. If you’re going for something special, you should still investigate the food. If you’re trying to decide where to visit, you should consider the food.

Good food is life, and you can’t continue to be in a foreign land for the rest of the month without great food. And that’s why you need to know the top 5 destinations to get great food:

1. Ibiza, Spain

Travellers worldwide know Ibiza as a spot for having good food when travelling. With its large hotels and clubs, you can expect all the best. In rural parts, there are farmers who harvest olives, almonds, and other healthy crops. That’s where restaurants and factories get their ingredients from. Some classic restaurants in Ibiza include Aubergine and Es Ventall. They serve amazing food like pasta, buffalo ricotta, colourful salads, and vegan pudding. There are also farmsteads where you can eat homemade food and allow you to feel like part of the land.

2. Cornwall, England

In this city, you can find the best chefs in Europe. They serve Caribbean food and other tropical recipes. Also, they serve foraged vegetables, local mussels, and some prawns. If you’ve heard about Tom Adams and April Bloomfield, you’d know that they are some of UK’s top chefs.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

The most famous restaurant in Denmark is Noma. It has won many awards because of its exciting cuisine. They serve breakfast meals, Mexican-inspired food, and delicious pastries. This is a place that you’d love to visit.


4. Galicia, Spain

Not only will you find amazing food in Galicia, Spain, but you’ll also find the finest wines here. If you’re a lover of seafood, you’d enjoy octopus, sardines, seaweed, and shellfish. Visit the most exotic vineyards and have a lovely sip of the finest wine.

5. Lyon, France

If you’re a foodie, you should visit this destination in France. Top French chefs are in this city, and you would enjoy eating at the finest restaurants. In some spots, you’ll enjoy local dishes and not just classy food. The markets in this city also serve delicious fruits, fresh fish, sausages,  and vegetables.

When thinking of where next to travel, consider these locations. And as soon as you’re able to find the destination that you’d be interested in, you can put other considerations in place like budget, fun places, and tourist attractions.