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Boracay: A Tropical Island Dream


Boracay is a picturesque, small island located an hour’s flight away from Manila, the capital of Philippines. If you are looking for a few days of relaxation, Boracay is the perfect place for you.

Boracay is nestled by crystal clear water and dazzling white sand beaches. The beautiful beaches are lined with luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and just about anything a tourist might look for. The beach facing hotels have lounge chairs by the front where you can relax and enjoy your time.

If you are a more adventurous person, you can take part in water sports and activities like surfing, snorkeling, sailing etc. Boracay has something or the other for everyone. The small island also offers a nightlife which comes alive at night with high energy parties and buffets which continue well into the night.

The best places to visit in Boracay include:

White Beach: This beach is the most popular among tourists and is divided into three sections, Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. Station 1 is known to have the widest beachfront with luxury hotels and resorts. It is the most expensive among the three stations but the quality of stay is high as well. Station 2 is the commercial zone of the White beach. Tourists interested in shopping, partying ot trying out new restaurants prefer to be here. Station 3 is the calmest among the three stations with lesser crowds. It is also the least developed among the three, making it the cheapest. All of the White Beach is open to the tourists for them to swim or relax wherever they want to. The White Beach comes alive at night and is a spectacle not to be missed.

Puka Beach: Puka Beach is less crowded than White Beach and ideal for tourists who want to escape the crowd. Tourists love to have picnics on this beach. But, the shops around the beach cost a fortune for foods. It is best to pack your own food while having a picnic at Puka Beach.

Other attractions of the Boracay island include Motag Living Museum, Ariel’s Point, Diniwid Beach, Willy’s Rock, Crocodile Island,  Mount Luho, Crystal Cove Island etc. You can spend as many days as you want to without getting bored.

Boracay has a warm climate and hence you can visit this beautiful island any time of the year. However, it is better to avoid visiting in Monsoon due to rains. Tourists should choose locations and hotels according their budget. The ideal dress code for ladies would be bikinis and maxi dresses with comfortable pairs of flops. Men can rock their shorts and swimsuits as well. Packing good sunscreen will always be a good idea.

What to pack for Summer Trip in Iceland


As opposed to our expectations of the weather during summer is not the exact one in Iceland. While visiting Iceland in summer is beautiful, chances of it not been a replica of the summers you are used to can be high.

You have many reasons to visit during this period because the midnight sun is usually very beautiful and the days longer. The environment is full with a beautiful green pasture as the sheep roam the country side. There is so much to do including rafting and whale tours as well as many fun festivals.

The main things you need to think of when packing are the same as those you consider during other seasons of the year. Be prepared always for wind or rain. It is not uncommon to have varying weather patterns in a day. The day can begin as a cool one and warm up at midday. Wear clothes easy for you to take on and off anytime.

Here is a list of what you need to pack.


Weatherproof shell; you will need a jacket that is water and wind resistant and still gives you enough warmth. It’s different from a rain jacket.

Pants and rain jackets: if you are interested in visiting the waterfalls, you can expect that you will get wet at some point. Having this two will come in handy. They can be taken on and off easily depending with the activity.

Hiking Pants: They should be waterproof to avoid wetness if you encounter any wet regions. They should be flexible, comfortable and able to shield you from weather elements.

Packable down vest or jacket: have a jacket or vest that you can add to the layer if you need extra warmth between your shell and base. They are useful because they are easily packed in a tiny bag.

Headband and hat: it’s unfortunate that you still need something that covers your ears and head during summer. It’s not mandatory on all days but there are days that you will need it. When visiting the ocean or the Northern parts of Iceland because they are cooler regions.


Thermal base: You should be safe to be warm and comfortable. It’s advisable that you pack both bottom and top, especially if you will be camping or heading to the interior regions.

Shirt: Unless you never get disturbed by cold, it’s recommended that you pack a long sleeved one. You might have nice days and others not so favorable as far the weather is concerned.

Fleece: It is easy if you need a layer or to wear alone if you do not need a jacket. Especially the moments you do not need to protect yourself from rain and wind.

Jeans: It’s good that you carry jeans to wear when you’re off to dinner or just hanging out.


For your footwear you will require a lot more in Iceland. You will need hiking boots to navigate through rugged terrains. Walking shoes will be comfortable whenever you are having an easy day exploring Iceland. Flip flops to make it easier when getting in and out of the swimming pool and going back to the changing rooms.

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