Gwadar- A city with Infinite possibilities


Before we start off with Gwadar, lets get to know a little more about Baluchistan the province in which the City of Gwadar is situated. Baluchistan is one of the 4 provinces(states) of Pakistan, by area it is the largest province and by population it is the smallest, a strange fact that can only be attribute to Baluchistan who is wildly large and deserted yet significantly beautiful and rich with earthly elements.

Geographically Baluchistan has always held its importance as it serves as a gateway between the southern and eastern Asian countries and the oil-rich middle east or MENA. The region is heavily politicized for various reasons like its significant geography and emplacement. But Baluchistan is not restricted to its Geography only frankly if you ask anyone who is ever been to the Province then they will tell you that Baluchistan is all about Culture, heritage and beauty. It is not the biggest province of Pakistan but it also if the Beautiful then one of the beautiful provinces of Pakistan.

But what makes it so different or vital for any traveler to visit, and it all leads to Gwadar.


Gwadar can’t be described without mentioning Baluchistan and Baluchistan is nothing or incomplete without its culture. It is often said that Pakistan is the Land of Culture and Balochi Culture is its Trophy. The most prominent factor is Baluchi culture is their attire and clothing, Baluchi turban and Shalwar Kamiz is often regarded as the pride of a Baluch man. However, it is not only restricted to these two attires only, the clothing and attire listing goes well beyond than just these two.

Then comes their dance and food. It may seem very odd seeing food being regarded as a cultural element but it is true for Baluchistan. What we often witness all around the globe that food is often attributed to the origin but Baluchi food is all about its people and those who cooks it and hence it has become an integral part of their culture. If you ought to visit the land then it will be an oddly coincidence if you don’t see any of the above-mentioned Cultural traits.

The City Itself:

The city of Gwadar is the combination of whole Baluchistan, if described in words it is the Jewel of the entire province. It has the Beauty of Baluchistan, the significant Geography, deep warm water near to its shores and a strong economy. The city is linked with Karachi (the biggest and the most populous city of Pakistan) through a coastal highway along the Arabian Sea that adds more to its beauty, It may not be one of the famous cities but it surely is the city to visit if you’re a travel enthusiasm.  

The Beaches:

Gwadar and Baluchistan is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from one end which just makes it one the longest beach space in South Asia and because of the low population and wide area the beaches are quite, clean and vacant. With Clean water, blue sky, mountainous surroundings and moderately sunny weather it all adds up to a perfect beach environment.