Flag of Kenya


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First, Africa is not a country, it is a continent. Of the countries in this beautiful continent is great Kenya. From preserved ancient local cultures across the various sets of diverse tribes to the very “abundantly rare” wildlife and the fascinating landscapes, Kenya has overtime been poised as the Tourism hub of the world. The presence of iconic landmarks such as tall mountains, the savannah, forests, waterfalls, tropics and beautiful lakes are a sight to behold.

A lot of its fame is gotten from being the leading wildlife and conservation parks on planet earth. This accounts for a huge chunk of Kenya’s foreign exchange revenue, right next to agriculture.

Due to the presence of ancient relics and artefacts, Kenya has also earned itself the nickname “Cradle of Mankind”, the people of Kenya are one of the earliest people to exist on planet earth and a lot has been learnt about ancient human history from them.

So let me be your guide through the earliest cradles of civilization, here are reasons why you should cancel every other vacation plan and visit Kenya



Not only is visiting Kenya pocket-friendly, but you also get as much satisfaction as travelling to any of the previous tourism countries, if not more. The cost of travelling is also economically decent, the food is less expensive, the hotels are very comfortable, affordable and properly maintained. 


The large expanse of land, wildlife, lakes, hills, waterfall and colourful vegetation is a very pleasing sight to behold, the way nature blends in its natural, undisturbed form have a sort of therapeutic feeling on the nerves. So, when travelling, make it a note to be awake when you are closer to the country. Trust me, it is not a sight you want to be missing out on.


There are various tours that give you direct access to Kenya’s diverse groups of tribes and their cultural practices. You get to interact and mix with the Swahili, Massai, Turkana, Samburu, Rendille, El Molo, Pokot and various other tribes. You get to see the villages in its unadulterated forms, participate in cultural practices and native ceremonies; weddings, childbirths, naming, funerals e.t.c. You also get to watch closely the art of bead making, hairdressing, textiles and their food preparation. As a plus, these tribes are mostly living in beautifully designed nature-friendly locations. The views from the accommodations are also very stunning. Mechanical transportation is also very cheap


From the Great Rift Valley to the rustic beaches, the great lakes, mild weather, beautiful mountains and observing the great migration of gazelles around the June/ July period, nature dazes you with its striking brilliance. The great rift valley has birthed a lot of unearthed fossils notable of high archaeological value and history, it also inhabits various rare animals like the

white rhino, leopard, flamingos and giraffes.  The warmth that accompanies the beautiful scenery can be quite compensating.

There’s also the allure of hiking, zip-lining, trekking, marathons and various other activities to get the adrenaline flowing. Kenya has an astounding amount of mountains e.g. Mount Kenya, Mount Longonot and Mount Elgon to mention but a few but most importantly the Kilimanjaro, though in Tanzania, it can be viewed from various highpoints in Kenya.

The most important part of tourism in Kenya is its wildlife. 

Kenya’s games and reserves are habitats to the largest groups of diverse animals in the world, from Elephants at the Amboseli National Park to herbivores such as zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, hippopotamus, rhinoceros and warthogs to the very animals at the top of the food chain; the lions, leopards, cheetahs and various others. If you have ever wanted to explore Nat Geo Wild in its rawest forms, there you have it. The parks and games employ safety precautions and barriers plus adequate transportation for the maximum comfort of the tourist. There’s also the fact that it is pretty cool you are helping with the funding for the preservation of wildlife and anti-poaching. 

Deep diving and exploration of underwater animals for animals such as zebrafish, snapper, scorpionfish and various others are other avenues to explore.


Everything about Kenya is not about wildlife. Nairobi, the capital of Kenya also known as “green city in the sun” is a cosmopolitan city having the best of accommodations, gardens, parks, cinemas and leisure centres plus a variety of deliciously cooked meals in various restaurants. With the ease of transportation and navigation, Nairobi is really one place to mark in the bucket list and here are quite a few places you can visit in Nairobi: 

  1. Nairobi Safari Walk
  2. Paradise Lost
  3. Panari Sky Centre
  4. Splash Water World
  5. Bomas of Kenya
  6. Maasai Ostrich Farm
  7. Nairobi National Park
  8. Jeevanjee Gardens
  9. Uhuru Park
  10. Karen Blixen Museum

Saying you visited Africa without visiting Kenya is like saying you visited the White House without going to Washington, D.C.